Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hans Transcript’s Assignment.
1.      Personal Stress.
2.      Outline.
*Stress in general also at home.
*Stress at work or while studing.
*Stress Management.
 -Stress in general.
Thinking and confuses.
Changing the colour of the skin&hair little bid early than the normal time.
Stress does shows a strangely reactive.
Dropping backwards from winning.
Causing a health problems.
Anchor, sad, unkind, selfish.
*Stress at work&during studing time.
OSH’s rules: describing lots of thing between Employer&Employee for about their safety while at work or studing and how to escape while in dangers.
3.       What is Stress?
*Straing force.
*force exerted upon the body that tends to deform it’s shape.
*creating a lot of pressure that will causing to do wrong things.
*stress feelings&headache.
*hard for the body as not normal in thinking,working,families&against the rules or law .
*less motivation also performance getting poor.
*behaviour no good (angrier,sad,etc.)
*feeling lonely and also have wrong ideas.
*stress may ended died (heart attack sick,lack of communications&don’t want to try harder during this moment to get better.)
*may loss everythings during stress.
Stress begins internal and through out at the external side.
Stress causing more worries.
4.       SUMMARY.
*God is calling and saying come,comeand come. Come unto him whoever is stress and having difficulties, anytime,anywhere and he will give you peace and joy.
He is the way.the truth&the life. We must have faith&believe in him even we don’t see him, but holy bible is our helpers to receive thy blessings.
God help,love and may we receive his blessings through our faith&obeying.

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